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iFerret gives local government the ability to locate and retrieve information that might otherwise remain hidden in databases, networks, email and corporate systems including land information, customer service and document management. It does so using simple search methods and filtering techniques.

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Sutherland Shire streamlines the search for its information assets

Records are an asset and should be seen as such by any organisation says Ellen Whittingstall. So much is she a champion of the need for good record keeping at Sutherland Shire Council that she stages “Ellen’s Rant” as a precursor to training staff in the use of iFerret, the search engine deployed to locate even the most elusive records and data for local government.

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  • 19-20 February 2016 - LGPro Annual Conference

    iPLATINUM is committed to giving back to the local government community and staying in touch with current industry initiatives via workshops, conferences and industry focused events. Check the calendar of all events that iPLATINUM is engaged with this year.

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  • January 2016 - iFerret Update

    Welcome to the January 2016 edition of the iFerret Update. iFerret continues to spark the interest of organisations wanting to give their staff efficient and simple access to corporate information thus enabling better service to their customers.

    iFerret is also now being seen as a critical tool as New South Wales Councils face pending amalgamation and reform. iFerret will ensure they will have easy access to information across the new entity.

    In this edition we cover upgrades and new features, training, reform, new custom- ers, and upcoming events. We hope you enjoy this edition of the iFerret Update.

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Efficiently unleash cross organisational information without cross-media costs. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time information access. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without replacing functional solutions.


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